Polycom Associates is a high integrity organization manufacturing Flexible Multi-layer Composites.

Established in 1997 by progressive business group, Polycom offers definite business solution to ever wanting High-tech Flexible Multilayer's needs.

Today, Polycom has extensive experience and technology skills to be the market leaders for the product in the fields of Electrical Insulation for Motors/Alternators/Transformers/Ballast & Choke Coils of all ratings, Cable Wraps for Fibre Optic/ Jelly Filled / Instrumentation/ Power Cables, Solar Backsheets for the Crystalline Photovoltaic Solar Modules, Flexible Circuit Materials and Packaging Industries.

Polycom's manufacturing plant at Daman is equipped with state of the art sophisticated machinery for lamination/coating and precision high-speed slitting processes. The installed capacity is ample to meet the requirements of the local markets and global markets.

Up-to-date R&D and quality control facilities enable Polycom to manufacture the complete range of products to meet the customers' needs for quality and timely product supply.

Tight integration of the plant with marketing offices all-over India ensures that Polycom's customers are content with the products and services offered by the company.

Combining global spread with detailed knowledge of domestic market, Polycom also undertakes product distribution activities for the world's best known companies such as Dupont & Garware.

Our experts help the customers to meet their target in cost effective manner for their High-tech Multilayer's designs.

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Late Mr. Kaniyalal Shah

Late Mr. Kanaiyalal Shah was the founder of the company; he was a frontline leader in the true sense. With his pioneering efforts and years of experience in business he took the company to great heights. He motivated the team to achieve total customer delight, which was of utmost importance to him.

Mr. Ramesh Shah

Mr. Ramesh Shah has put efforts of taking the company to greater heights. He has 40 years of immense professional experience to his credit & has travelled all over the globe. He is a firm believer in perfection. Fiercely ambitious, he considers 'Sky as the Limit'.

He has been honoured with 'The Man of Achievement Award 2000' by International Publishing House for his immense professional experience, vast practical expertise duly blended with an academic competence.

Mr. Chintan Ramesh Shah

Mr. Chintan Ramesh Shah joined the Family Business after completing his Technical as well as Business Studies. With him joining the business it has gained new momentum and he now Heads the Business Development Unit, which has come out with several new products and has broadened the customers base.

Mr. B S Sudhakar - Marketing Manager

Mr. B S Sudhakar is a connoisseur in marketing activities and has earned 45 years of experience in the field of marketing and administration.

Mr. Mulesh Mehta - G.M. Works

Mr. Mulesh Mehta has over 35 years of professional experience, he overviews the entire production activities on rigid norms of quality control and timely deliveries, enabling the company to achieve its due share in the product's market.

Mr. Niranjan Shah - G.M. Finance

Dedication is the driving force of Mr. Niranjan Shah. 45 years of experience and knowledge of the financial intricacies