In Excitation Windings: - As winding insulation for bonding copper conductors (specially in High-Voltage Machines.)
For Dry Type Transformers:- As layer insulation for coils. In Traction Motors:- As insulation for conductor bundles.

PREPREGS: Flexible Insulating Material Class 'E' & 'F'

Polycom’s PREPREGS are made by coating/impregnating flexible materials (Nomex®, Non-woven or Fabric) with ‘B’ stage reactive coating of resin. Depending on backing material used; Prepregs belong to insulation class ‘E’ & ‘F’.

Prepregs are tack - free at room temperature but become tacky at 110°c to 130°c. These are converted to ‘C’ stage by heat energy & pressure to achieve good bonding between the copper conductor. The resin system depends on processing conditions of the customer, but usually epoxy resin is used.



Highly flexible in supplied condition.

Good bonding capability due to the re-active stage of coating.

Favorable hardening times.

Excellent winding & trouble-free machining qualities.

Enhanced mechanical and dielectric strength.

Imports Good vibration resistance to Winding Coils